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Top 10 Richest Actors of Bollywood in 2023 - Wikiunfold

Top 10 Richest Actors of Bollywood in 2023

Bollywood, one of India's largest and most lucrative industries, is known for its extravagant film productions and the glamour it brings to the world of entertainment. The actors in Bollywood command hefty paychecks for their work, making them some of the richest individuals in the country. In 2023, here are the top 10 richest actors in Bollywood.

1. Shah Rukh Khan - Net Worth: $600 million
With an estimated net worth of $600 million, Shah Rukh Khan, also known as King Khan, holds the top spot as the wealthiest actor in Bollywood. Khan started his acting career in the 1980s, making appearances in various television shows before making his Bollywood debut in 1992 with the film "Deewana." Known for his romantic roles in movies like "Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge," "Dil Toh Pagal Hai," and "Baazigar," Khan has acted in over 80 Bollywood films and is often referred to as the Badshah of Bollywood.

2. Amitabh Bachchan - Net Worth: $400 million
Amitabh Bachchan, also known as Shahenshah, holds the second position on this list with a staggering net worth of $400 million. Bachchan made his acting debut in 1969 with the film "Bhuvan Shome" as a voice narrator. He gained immense popularity in the 1970s and became known as the "Angry Young Man," portraying iconic characters in various genres. With over 200 films to his credit, Bachchan has made a significant impact on Indian cinema and earned the title "Shahenshah of Bollywood."

3. Salman Khan - Net Worth: $200 million
Salman Khan, with an estimated net worth of $200 million, is not only an actor but also a producer, singer, television personality, and philanthropist. He is the eldest son of screenwriter Salim Khan. Known for his roles in popular films and his distinct style, Salman Khan has appeared in over 130 films and television projects. In 2018, he earned $40 million from June 2017 to June 2018. His film debut came in 1988 with "Biwi Ho To Aisi," and he won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for his second film.

4. Aamir Khan - Net Worth: $185 million
Aamir Khan, born Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan, is not only a renowned Bollywood actor but also a philanthropist. He has a net worth of $185 million and is often referred to as the World's Biggest Superstar. Aamir Khan gained international acclaim with films like "PK," "Dangal," and "Secret Superstar." Known for his perfectionism, he has directed, acted, produced, and written award-winning films such as "Raja Hindustani" and "Lagaan." His film "3 Idiots" remains one of Bollywood's most popular movies.

5. Akshay Kumar - Net Worth: $180 million
Akshay Kumar, born Rajiv Hariom Bhatia, has dominated the Bollywood box office for over 25 years. In 2013, he made history by becoming the first actor from Bollywood whose films' domestic net lifetime collections reached $310 million, followed by $460 million in 2016. Kumar has directed and acted in numerous successful movies, including the Khiladi series, "Padman," "Dhadkan," and "Namastey London." With almost a hundred Hindi movies under his belt, he has received numerous Filmfare Award nominations and has a staggering net worth of $180 million.

6. Saif Ali Khan - Net Worth: $140 million
Saif Ali Khan, with a net worth of $140 million, is not only an actor but also a television presenter, stage performer, and owner of the production company Illuminati Films. Born Sajid Ali Khan to actress Sharmila Tagore and the late cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan has contributed to several Bollywood blockbusters, including the "Race" series, "Dil Chahta Hai," and "Hum Tum."

7. Dharmendra - Net Worth: $100 million
Dharmendra, known for his iconic role in the film "Sholay," holds the seventh position on this list with an estimated net worth of $100 million. Often referred to as Bollywood's Action King, Dharmendra has appeared in over 100 films and has made a significant contribution to Hindi cinema. Throughout his career, he has garnered numerous accolades, including the Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award.

8. Ranbir Kapoor - Net Worth: $60 million
Ranbir Kapoor, belonging to the illustrious Kapoor family's fourth generation, has amassed a remarkable net worth of $60 million during his Bollywood career. Known for his versatile acting skills, Kapoor has received five Filmfare Awards and has appeared in popular films such as "Barfi!" and "Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani."

9. John Abraham - Net Worth: $55 million
John Abraham, a prominent actor, producer, and former model, holds a net worth of $55 million. After modeling for various commercials and businesses, he made his Bollywood debut with the film "Jism," which not only launched his acting career but also earned him a Filmfare Best Debut Award nomination.

10. Hrithik Roshan - Net Worth: $370 million
Hrithik Roshan, known for his charm, talent, and exceptional dancing skills, is one of the most popular and attractive actors in Bollywood. With earnings of approximately Rs. 58.73 crores in 2019, as estimated by Forbes, Hrithik Roshan has built an impressive net worth of $370 million (INR 2680 crores). Apart from being a superstar, he is often regarded as Bollywood's most handsome actor.

These actors have not only achieved great success in the entertainment industry but have also made significant contributions to Indian cinema. Their immense wealth reflects their talent, hard work, and popularity among the masses. As Bollywood continues to flourish, it is likely that these actors will further expand their fortunes and solidify their positions as the richest actors in the industry.

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