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Suvir Saran is a chef, cookbook author, educator as well as a farmer who specializes in bringing Indian cooking to the American kitchen. Currently lives on American Masala Farm with his partner Charlie, in Hebron, New York. Suvir appeared as a contestant on the third season of Bravo's Top Chef Masters making it to the fourth round. Eliminated during "The Biggest Loser" episode, he chose to create a vegetarian burger rather than the requested bacon cheese burger and did a monologue about the health impacts of red meat. During the exit interview on the show he stated he had no regrets about his choices and what he had said.
Full Name Suvir Saran
Date of Birth 29-November-1972 (51 years)
Birth Location New Delhi, India
Gender Male
Nationality indian
School of Visual Arts, New York
Sir J.J. School of Arts, Bombay
Qualification Visual Architecture

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Suvir Saran is 51 years old

Suvir Saran was born on 29-November-1972

Suvir Saran was born in New Delhi, India



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