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Kunal Kapur

Kunal Kapur Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More
Kunal Kapur is a renowned Indian chef, restaurateur, and television personality known for his culinary expertise and charismatic presence in the media. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Kunal's passion for cooking led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts. Kunal Kapur gained widespread recognition when he participated as a judge on the Indian version of the popular cooking reality show "MasterChef." His warm and friendly demeanor, along with his insightful feedback to the contestants, made him a beloved figure among the show's viewers. Apart from his television appearances, Kunal Kapur has contributed significantly to the Indian culinary scene. He has worked in prestigious hotels and restaurants, honing his skills in various international cuisines. His culinary style combines traditional Indian flavors with global techniques, resulting in innovative and flavorful dishes. Kunal Kapur has also authored several cookbooks, where he shares his culinary knowledge and presents a range of recipes suitable for home cooks. His books showcase his passion for celebrating Indian cuisine and making it accessible to a broader audience. Kunal has opened his own restaurant ventures, including "Dramz Whiskey Bar & Lounge" and "Patiala by Kunal Kapur," both located in Delhi. These establishments showcase his flair for creating memorable dining experiences with a modern touch. With his dynamic presence in the culinary world and his dedication to promoting Indian cuisine, Kunal Kapur continues to inspire aspiring chefs and food enthusiasts alike. His contributions have helped elevate the appreciation of Indian flavors both in India and on the global stage.
Full Name Kunal Kapur
Date of Birth 18-September-1979
Birth Location New Delhi, India
Gender Male
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