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Karre Mastanamma

Karre Mastanamma Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More
Karre Mastanamma was an Indian chef and YouTube sensation known for her traditional cooking videos on the channel "Country Foods." She gained immense popularity for her authentic and rustic cooking style, preparing traditional Indian dishes in a simple and straightforward manner. Mastanamma was born in a small village in Andhra Pradesh, India, and lived a simple life as a farmer's wife for most of her years. However, at the age of 105, she became an internet sensation after her great-grandson started recording her cooking videos and sharing them on YouTube. Despite her age and lack of formal culinary training, Mastanamma showcased remarkable cooking skills and a deep knowledge of traditional recipes passed down through generations. She used basic utensils and open fire for her cooking, staying true to her rural roots. Mastanamma's infectious smile, charming personality, and passion for cooking won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. Her YouTube channel, "Country Foods," became a huge success, attracting subscribers from various countries who appreciated her simple yet flavorful dishes. Mastanamma not only shared delicious recipes but also provided a glimpse into rural Indian life, capturing the essence of tradition and culture. Her success and rise to fame at such an advanced age inspired people of all generations, demonstrating that talent and passion have no age limits. Tragically, Karre Mastanamma passed away in December 2018, but her legacy lives on through her videos and the impact she made on the culinary world and the hearts of those who watched and admired her. She continues to be remembered as the "Grandmother Chef" and an embodiment of the love and passion that goes into traditional Indian cooking.
Full Name Karre Mastanamma
Date of Birth 10-April-1911
Birth Location Andhra Pradesh
Gender Female
Death Time 02-December-2018
Death Location India
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