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Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni

Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More
Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni (June 4, 1974 – November 4, 2012), popularly known as "Chef Jacob", was an Indian television chef born in Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu. It was known for its authentic South Indian cuisine. Aruni was a visiting chef at various hotels and a consulting chef. He was also a food historian, spice collector, and promoter of southern Indian cuisine. Aruni was born in Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu, India. She started cooking at the age of 14 and soon inherited her mother's cooking style. He studied catering at the American College, Madurai, later graduating with a BA in Physics. After graduation, Aruni started working as a chef in various hotels in Chennai. In 2002, he opened his own restaurant, The Madras Kitchen. The restaurant was a success and Aruni won several awards for his cooking. In 2008, Aruni started hosting her own cooking TV show, Aaha Enna Rusi. The show was a success and Aruni became one of the most popular chefs in India. Aruni died of a heart attack on November 4, 2012. He was 38 years old. Aruni was a talented and passionate chef who made a significant contribution to South Indian cuisine. His work helped popularize South Indian cuisine around the world and inspired many other chefs to follow in his footsteps.
Full Name Jacob Sahaya Kumar Aruni
Date of Birth 04-June-1974
Birth Location Uthamapalayam, Tamil Nadu
Gender Male
Death Time 04-November-2012
Death Location heart attack, Apollo First Med Hospital in Chennai.
The American College
 Catering in S.N.R.& Sons College of Catering, Coimbatore
Qualification Studied B.Sc. (Physics)
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