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Mohan Shankar, popularly known as Mohan, is a Kannada film actor, who started his acting career in 2000 with the movie Yaarige Saluthe Sambala. He reached the peak of popularity with movies like Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu, Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu and Malla, also starring Ravichandran.
Full Name Mohan Shankar
Date of Birth 24-September-1973 (50 Years)
Birth Location Bengaluru
Gender Male
Nationality India
Zodiac Sign Libra Libra: Diplomatic and charming, with a love for balance and harmony.
Height 168 cm
Weight 78 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Sri Vidya
Born from September 23 to October 22, Libra peoples are charming, diplomatic, romantic, indecisive, and vain. Remember that zodiac signs should not be used to stereotype or judge people solely based on their Zodiac signs. People are complex and multi-dimensional, and astrology is just one tool among many that can be used to gain insight into oneself and others.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Mohan Shankar is 50 years old

Mohan Shankar was born on 24-September-1973

Mohan Shankar was born in Bengaluru



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