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Hem Barua

Hem Barua Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More
Hem Barua is best known for his plays and novels, which reflect the socio-cultural aspects of Assamese society. Some of his notable works include "Rupalim," "Asomiya Theatre Aru Natya," "Agnigarh," and "Brahmaputra." He was known for his unique storytelling style, blending realism and social commentary. Apart from his literary pursuits, Hem Barua also directed and produced several Assamese films. His film "Piyoli Phukan" (1955) is considered a milestone in the Assamese film industry. Barua's films often depicted the struggles and aspirations of the common people of Assam. Hem Barua's contributions to Assamese literature and cinema have left a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of the region. His works continue to be celebrated and appreciated by readers, theater enthusiasts, and film lovers in Assam.
Full Name Hem Barua
Date of Birth 22-April-1915
Birth Location Tezpur, Assam Province, British India
Gender Male
Language Assamese
Death Time 09-April-1977
Death Location Assam, India
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