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Parvati Prasad Baruva

Parvati Prasad Baruva Wiki, Age, Family, Biography & More
Parvati Prasad Baruva was deeply influenced by the rich cultural heritage and traditions of his homeland. His poetry often reflected themes of love, nature, spirituality, and the socio-political issues of his time. Baruva's poetry was characterized by its lyrical beauty, emotional depth, and social consciousness. He was known for his mastery of various poetic forms, including sonnets, songs, and odes. His works showcased a deep understanding of human emotions and a keen observation of nature, often drawing inspiration from the scenic beauty of Assam.
Full Name Parvati Prasad Baruva
Date of Birth 19-August-1904
Birth Location Sibsagar, Assam
Gender Male
Language Assamese
Death Time 07-June-1964
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