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Jaspal Singh Bhatti was born on March 3, 1955, in Amritsar, Punjab, India, into a Punjabi Sikh Rajput family. He graduated from Punjab Engineering College (PEC) in Chandigarh as an electrical engineer.

Jaspal Singh Bhatti was an Indian television personality known for his satirical take on the problems of the common man. He is most well known for his television series Flop Show, Full Tension, and mini capsules Ulta Pulta which ran on Doordarshan, India's national television network, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

He was commonly known as "King of Comedy" and also "King of Satire". He carried out various anti-corruption crusades in Chandigarh. His frontal attack on issues like red-tapism, nepotism, and corruption was both comic and awakening for masses.

Bhatti's satire on the Punjab police Mahaul Theek Hai (1999) was his first directorial venture for a full-length feature film in his native Punjabi language. He also starred in the comedy Punjabi film Jijaji. Bhatti acted in Hindi Movie Aa Ab Laut Chalen with Kadar Khan in 1999. He played the role of Jolly Good Singh, a guard, in the movie Fanaa. He played a comical college principal in Koi Mere Dil Se Poochhe. His last film was Dil Pardesi Ho Gaya (2013).

Full Name Jaspal Bhatti
Nick Name The King Of Satire , The Sardar of Satire
Other Name(s) Jaspal Singh Bhatti
Date of Birth 03-March-1955 (57 years)
Birth Location Amritsar, Punjab, India
Gender Male
Nationality Indian
Religion Sikh
Zodiac Sign Pisces Pisces: Intuitive and compassionate, with a deep connection to emotions and spirituality.
Death Time 25-October-2012
Death Location Jalandhar, Punjab, India
Height 174 cm
Weight 78 kg
Eye Colour Light Brown
Hair Colour Dark brown
Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Punjab, India
Qualification Electrical engineering
Hobbies Reading, photography. Traveling.

Jaspal Singh Bhatti married Savita Bhatti on March 24, 1985, and they had a son, Jasraj Bhatti, and a daughter, Raabiya Bhatti. His wife Savita Bhatti was chosen in 2014 Elections as a Candidate of Aam Aadmi Party from Chandigarh, but she opted out.

He also started a film school, “Mad Arts Jaspal Bhatti Film School,” in Mohali, Punjab, and studio-cum-training school, “Joke Factory,” which is currently handled by his son and his wife. He also worked as a cartoonist in The Tribune Chandigarh.

In 2013, he was posthumously honoured with the Padma Bhushan, India's third-highest civilian award. He was also granted the Lifetime Achievement Award at the first Golden Kela Awards.

Manjit Kaur Kaler
Sardar Narinder Singh Bhatti
Raabiya Bhatti
Jasraj Bhatti
Savita Bhatti
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Jaspal Bhatti was 57 years old

Jaspal Bhatti was born on 03-March-1955

Jaspal Bhatti was born in Amritsar, Punjab, India


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