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Full Name Ranjeeta Kaur
Other Name(s) Ranjeeta Mirza
Date of Birth 22-September-1956 (67 years)
Gender Female
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Zodiac Sign Virgo Virgo: Practical and analytical, with a love for organization and efficiency.
Height 165 cm
Weight 65 kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Hobbies Acting, Traveling
Sky Masand
Raj Masand
Born from August 23 to September 22, Virgo peoples are practical, analytical, meticulous, critical, and shy. Remember that zodiac signs should not be used to stereotype or judge people solely based on their Zodiac signs. People are complex and multi-dimensional, and astrology is just one tool among many that can be used to gain insight into oneself and others.

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Ranjeeta Kaur is 67 years old

Ranjeeta Kaur was born on 22-September-1956

Ranjeeta Kaur was born in -


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