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Khan Sir is a popular Youtuber & Lecturer of India. They are well known for their individual teaching style on social media. His You Tube channel is called Khan GS Research Center & he has an offline academy by the same name. He has over sixteen million subscribers on You Tube which he obtain in a very short time. Khan Sir doubt his You Tube channel in 2019 & within Three years he obtain 16 million subscribers which are still grow day by day.

Khan Sir transfer videos about Current Affairs & New Topics on You Tube channel. Expected to the Indian lockdown in 2020, the students started the online study & the board earning of their channel started decelerate Khan Sir Patna, 1 of the world’s popular teachers of You Tube channel, was native in December 1993 in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria, Uttar Pradesh. He collect his academic qualification from Parmar Mission School located in Bhatpar Rani, Deoria. His full name & real name is Faizal Khan.

Full Name Faisl Khan
Episode 29
Date 05-September-2022
Profession Khan Sir
Video Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWSCCmFQteY
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/@khangsresearchcentre1685/
Twitter https://twitter.com/khansirpatna
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/khangsresearchcenter/
Official Website https://khanglobalstudies.com/

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